Who said travelling was pleasure? Can you imagine walking for 12 hours a day from Central Park to Liberty Island? A nightmare? Ok. That is what our students did and, thanks god we woke up early in the morning and we met hot dog stands every few meters!
Now, don't worry! It's going to be easier for you. Imagine you plan a visit to the States and don't want to miss anything important in your route. You may consider visiting these places:

  • The MOMA (Museum of Modern Art)

  • Central Park and Tiffany's

  • The Metropolitan Museum

  • The Fifth Avenue

  • Times Square

  • Empire State Building

  • Chrysler Building

  • Rockefeller Center

  • Brodway

  • SoHo

  • China Town

  • Brooklyn bridge

  • Liberty Island

    Can you locate them in the map using this Google Maps (My maps)?

    - First, learn how to use it: one-minute video.

    - Look at the route you should follow: starting point (Central Park) and destination (Liberty Island). Click on this LINK to edit it.

    Ver New York in 12 hours en un mapa más grande

    If you are an experienced student, you could even guess how much our tickets cost. Find out more:

  • Metropolitan Museum: http://www.metmuseum.org/

  • MoMA: http://www.moma.org/

  • Rockefeller Center: http://www.rockefellercenter.com/

  • Liberty Island cruises: http://www.statuecruises.com/